Sunday, June 26, 2016

Next Goal: Kayaking Perimeter of Horsetooth Reservoir 25 Miles

Now that our hiking goals are completed, we have begun one of our next homeschool goals! Michael and I have decided we will kayak the perimeter of Horsetooth Reservoir (about 25 miles of perimeter). Today we did the first bit of it, and we brought Matt and Jana along. We rented a stand up paddle board for Matt. Jana rode along with each of us at her leisure. We began at South Bay near the West swim beach and circled around to the south to complete the far south end. Our next goal will be to go from the west swim beach across to the Spring Canyon Dam and Inlet Bay, then to Dixon Canyon Dam, Quarry Cove, and Dixon Cove, then Soldier Canyon Dam, Soldier Canyon Cove, Eltuck Bay, and Orchard Cove, and finally Horsetooth Dam and Satanka Cove. I think we can complete it in a total of 5 outings or less while still relaxing and enjoying ourselves.

I didn't want to bring a camera along, so these are just pictures from the shore playing around.


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