Friday, June 10, 2016

Towers Trail- Horsetooth Mountain Open Space

This is the Towers Trail hike. After this one, we only have two hikes left in Horsetooth Mountain Open Space! This one was 7.5 miles roundtrip and took us 3 hours and 15 minutes. We are really getting fast. How was the hike? Lots of elevation. I think it was close to 1400 feet climb in about 3 miles. Wow, we are good hikers and we don't quit, but we also quit after 1 mile on this one. Michael sat down and said he couldn't do it. He had been carrying our backpack and all the water, so I took that and then he was back to running circles around me. The trail is wide, it is just steep most of the way to the top.

HA! All the pictures I took show a perfectly flat trail, but that is because we rested every time we got to a flat spot.

Here are the towers. I think these towers are a combination of radio, cell, and emergency. But I'm not really sure! There are lots of towers up there in that spot. Maybe 10?

 Behind Michael you can see Longs Peak (14er) and the snow-capped Continental Divide.

What's this? A generator?

The area around the towers reminded Michael of an apocalypse scene. He was offended by the unkempt condition with tires and things scattered around. We saw a huge jack rabbit and some mountain bikers. Don't try this hike on a hot day, or be sure to start very early. I wished we would have started a little earlier because it did get hot (sweaty) especially on the uphill.


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