Tuesday, April 05, 2016

About the Author- Jana

I wrote this "about the author" piece for an art book that Jana is publishing this year:

"Jana is an alien from another planet (or so she thinks). Her family lives in and runs a small boarding house for travelers and international students in Fort Collins, CO. They have had lovely guests from all over the world including: Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, China, and Saudi Arabia. Jana likes to spend her time eating blueberries and brussels sprouts, swinging in hammocks, singing, trying to make contact with her alien family, avoiding baths, climbing trees, and playing with little humans. She shares her room with two dogs, a cat, two toads and some crickets where they all enjoy the two secret passageways that lead to other parts of the house. Jana collects Shopkins and Petkins and can bounce on a pogo stick over 100 times in a row. She once ran a 2K in 3 inch heels while carrying her pet monkey, Cupid. Once she outran a lightening strike, and once she outran a tornado, which may or may not be how she got the nickname, "Tiny Tornado." You could say she has superhuman speed and strength when she needs to. Finally, Jana has an interest in the history of fashion and has a lot of fun pairing vintage, modern, and international to make striking fashion statements."