Tuesday, May 31, 2016

What kind of mushroom is this?

Waterfall Trail with Kristina!

Look at these adorable flowers! Kristina and I hiked the Waterfall Trail and then the North Eltuck Cove. Am I remembering that correctly Kristina? She found the most adorable miniature grasshopper. I could barely see it! I tried to take a close up picture (below), but I couldn't.

 I thought this one looked a little bit like a tiny peony.

 A cove off Horsetooth Reservior. North Eltuck?

 We wanted to know what kind of birds these were that were making such an interesting whistling noise. Black/grey with white belly/chest and chin. There was a pair. We also saw some at her house tonight. Same kind.

I love to be in nature with Kristina because of her joy and sense of wonder. I don't know too many people (other than myself) that can be found gasping in amazement over a small wildflower. She loves to discover, experience, enjoy, share, and appreciate life. She makes me a better person! Xoxo!!

Lory State Park Hikes- ALL COMPLETED!

 Matt and Michael had a great time back country camping. Matt came home pretty tired though! Monday morning I went back up to Lory State Park and the guys hiked down to the parking lot with all their gear (about 2.5 miles). Then we hiked another 8 miles! I didn't think we were going to be able to do it. My feet had been so sore just the night before, but we did it! I had a fall on the way back, but not much more than a scrape and bruise. I was lucky. It felt great to know that Mike and I completed our goal of hiking every mile of trail in Lory State Park. I'm proud of our hard work! I feel great too. Michael said this morning, "Mom, doesn't it feel great to be healthy and strong?" It does feel great to be healthy and strong!

We had planned to put our feet in the water here on our way back, but we were all eager to get home.

 This is right when we completed the final trail in Lory and finished our goal.

Jana was not interested in hiking with us. She likes shorter hikes. But she did feel a little bit left out. She decided to buy a tent for herself. She took it up to Grandma and Grandpa's house and made her own campout with Grandpa.